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You’re trying to sell a stunning property, but the listing feels like it’s missing something. What can you do to make it more enticing? Buyers may be wary if there isn’t enough property information in the listing. After all, buying a home is one of the biggest investments most people make in their lifetimes.

If they don’t feel completely confident about their decision, they won’t go through with it.

Enter iGUIDE, a way for buyers to learn the ins and outs of a house.

iGUIDE is an all-in-one system. It’s incredibly easy for potential buyers to navigate the listing, and it’s the first thing people see on Realtor.ca. With every detail at their fingertips, buyers will have the confidence they need to make a purchase.

Our iGUIDE service includes a 360° tour, RMS measurements, and a floor plan.


Immersive 3D Virtual Tour

iGUIDE makes it far easier for buyers to navigate properties with a virtual tour—they have full control over the entire experience. Buyers can imagine their lives in the home, all without leaving their current house. Using their computer or smartphone, they can tour each room at their own pace.

Buyers can move seamlessly from room to room and feel as though they’re actually walking around the home. They can zoom in or out to get a closer look at the appliances, layout, and more.


iGUIDE RMS Measurement

With any floor plan, accuracy is one of the most important parts–especially in Alberta! In Alberta, we have the Residential Measurement Standard (RMS), and iGUIDE abides by RMS.

You want to be certain that the measurements in your listing accurately reflect the dimensions of the home. And with iGUIDE, you’ll have the confidence you need.

According to the creators of iGUIDE, the typical iGUIDE measurement uncertainty is only 0.5% (RMS allows for a 2% discrepancy). In addition, the square footage uncertainty for room dimensions is 1% or better. That means you can feel confident you’re giving buyers a highly accurate and integrated floor plan.

At Calgary Real Estate, we offer iGUIDE services that include RMS standard measurements. We’ll help you draw more eyes to your listing, squash buyer uncertainty, and sell more properties.


iGUIDE® Report

Helping you make the most out of your listing.

Our iGUIDE Report is what you receive once your report is ready. It includes 3D tour links, professional images, property details, and easy-to-embed code. In it you will find all of the links, downloads, and tools you need to list your property.

Please check your MLS policy for using branded vs unbranded virtual tours.

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All of your content is sent through A, where you’ll have access to a property website, floorplans, 360 tour, images, and a DIY marketing center to create templates for use on social media, print, and more.
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Download all images, floorplans, and 3D tour directly onto your computer

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Share your listing on social media with our ready-to-post code.

iGUIDE Report



iGUIDE® Analytics

Helping you track how well your listing is doing.

Want to know how your listing is performing? iGUIDE analytics will give you insights into what’s working, and what can be tweaked. View the traffic generated by your listing and the total time buyers spent viewing it. Using this data, you can continually refine your listing so it resonates with the right buyers.

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Get a breakdown of which sites generate the most traffic for your listing.

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Understand your visits, whether they’re first-time or returning users.

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Browsing Time

Uncover how long people are browsing your listing details to target your content placement more effectively.

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Free Vs. Premium Floor Plan

Give potential buyers a bird’s eye view of the property with an interactive floor plan. You can choose between two types of floor plans to find one that best suits your listing.

With the standard floor plan, buyers can get familiar with the layout of the home. They’ll get a complete overview—with area calculations, RMS measurements, and distance measurements.

If you’d like to step things up a notch, try the premium floor plan. It includes even more details about the property to give buyers an up-close look. The floor plan will include drawings of the appliances, doors, and fixtures in the home. 

Both floor plans will give buyers a better understanding of how the house flows from room to room. Choose the one that’s right for your listing. 

Floor Plan Colours

Presentation is so important with any MLS listing. We offer floor plans in three different colour schemes:

  • Multicoloured warm. Shades of beige, light orange, and soft yellow.
  • Multicoloured balanced. A mix of warm and cool colours.
  • Multicoloured cool. Pale blues, pastel greens, and soft greys.

With iGUIDE, you can select a colour scheme that best fits the specific property you’re selling. 

With our iGUIDE services, you can give buyers the confidence they need to purchase a property. To see what our stunning photography, 3D tours, and RMS measurement services can do for your business, contact Calgary Real Estate Photos today.

Standard iGUIDE


Premium iGUIDE


Multicolored Warm


Multicolored Balanced


Multicolored Cool


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