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Calgary Aerial Drone Photography

Aerial photography and videography provide a unique perspective that traditional photos cannot match, giving buyers a better understanding of the property’s exterior.

We can assist you in presenting your property using captivating aerial visuals!

Our Aerial Services

Captivate potential clients with a unique perspective on your property’s exterior!  Calgary Real Estate Photos’ aerial services include photography, video footage, or a combination of both.  Drone photography and video can be featured in property listings or virtual tours as well as used for 3D mapping and more.

We offer two drone options:

Basic Drone Flight for Real Estate

Mid-level quality

Ideal for basic, city-based real estate shoots

Restricted to 50 feet

Enhanced Drone Flight for Real Estate

Flagship-level quality

Ideal for high-end properties, acreages, and commercial properties

No height restrictions (fully licensed and approved with NAV Canada)

01 Book Your Aerial Photography & Videography Session

Use our online booking system to start the process. A team member will get in touch with you personally to discuss the specifics of the job.

02 Capture Drone Video & Images

One of our professional aerial photographers will capture the images and footage at the agreed-upon time and date.

03 Receive Professionally Edited Visual Content That’s Ready To Use

You’ll be able to access your professionally edited drone video footage and pictures within 1-3 business days via Aryeo, our booking, payment, and delivery system.

Benefits of Drone Photography & Video

Drone photography and video increase the visibility and appeal of a property in a way that on-the-ground techniques simply cannot.  Showcase your property’s unique features, highlight the surrounding area, and engage prospective buyers with an immersive and stimulating visual experience that provides expansive and stunning bird’s-eye views.

For more information, visit our pricing page or contact us directly.

Seeking Calgary aerial photography?  Get your listings off the ground with professional drone services from Calgary Real Estate Photos!


Calgary Real Estate Photos’ aerial photography and videography services can be booked separately or in a combined package. Prices are as follows:

Basic Drone Flight for Real Estate

  • $175 – up to 15 photos
  • $250 – photo and video combined package

Enhanced Drone Flight for Real Estate

  • $225 – up to 15 photos
  • $350 – photo and video combined package

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of equipment do you use for drone photography?

For our Basic Drone Flight for Real Estate package, we use a Mavic Mini. For our Enhanced Drone Flight for Real Estate package, we use a Mavic 3, which is fully licenced and approved with NAV Canada.

Are there any restrictions on where you can fly a drone for photography purposes in Calgary?

Yes, restrictions do govern the use of drones for aerial photography in the city of Calgary. These restrictions include how high a drone can fly, how close it can come to vehicles and private property, and more.

How do you ensure the safety of your equipment and the public during a drone photo shoot?
All of our aerial photographers carry a valid drone pilot certificate and are well-versed in the safe use of remote-piloted aircraft systems. They’ll always ensure the safety of the public and their equipment by carefully adhering to all relevant regulations within the city of Calgary and the surrounding areas.
Can you offer any additional services, such as video editing or virtual tours?
Yes. Calgary Real Estate Photos offers video editing services, custom video productions, virtual tours (including iGuide 360 Tour), and much more.

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